sunday march 29th 2009
Unka Lynnee's Academy, Kaffe & Films
LGBT Centre, Sidney St, free entry

kaffe 12-7
workshop 1-3
films 4-7

workshop with Lynn, exploring trans identities, feminism and intimacy through writing and performance.
All are welcome, please be on time!

kaffe & hang-out space with cheap vegan food and cakes

film screenings in collaboration with Manchester's Queer Youth Network and Trans Youth Network. There will also be an opportunity to discuss the films after the screenings. Films will include:

- Independent documentaries-in-progress programme produced by young queer, trans and gendervariant people under 30, presented by David Henry and Mx Tomboi, followed by brief Q&A debate – OutCast Media

- Stonewall was a RIOT (with new footage from the Stonewall Awards Protest) - link

- Manchester Shame: "Selling Jack" Pride is a Protest – link

- ‘Jane’s Story’ – Follow Jane around Canal Street and Manchester City Centre, as she reveals what life is like for street homeless trans women and sex workers in 21st Century Manchester - link

-‘XXY’ (2008) Short clips from this thought-provoking feature film exploring Klinefelter's Syndrome through the eyes of a 15 year old coming to terms with their intersex condition - link

- ‘A:Gender’ by Joey Hateley. Montage of performance clips by Manchester-based Gender-Joker-Queer-Eminem performance artiste extraordinaire and queer-feminist theatre practitioner - link

- ‘PISSING: Never Mind The Bollocks’ by Louis Bailey and Leonie Morris. The short film which spawned Gender Neutral Toilets and the International Toiletgate Debate at the University of Manchester Students Union in 2008 - link

- ‘On My Way’ + ‘Blue’ from Queer Youth Digital Video Project, Inside Out Lesbian Gay Film Festival Toronto - link

- Thorn in your side (about the Queer & Trans movement in San Fran)

- Clips from 'Toilet Training' - a documentary about the need for gender-neutral toilets - link

- 'PYT (Pretty Young Thing) - a pseudo pop video where Michael Jackson and Peter Pan collide in the body of a young transman

- 'Operation Invert' - Compares the regulations governing botox withgender reassignment

- 'XX Boys' - Photography of Kael Block is set against the music of the Distillers - link

- 'Gulab Aina' (The Pink Mirror) Indian drama about the loves and losses of two drag queens - link

- Plus more to be confirmed!