Monday May 11th 2009

Mental Wealth Workshop
with Sabrina Chapadjiev, editor of 'Live Through This : On Creativity and Self Destruction'

LGBT Centre, Sidney St (behind the 8th day on Oxford Rd)
doors - 5pm (tea, cake and vegan meal will be available ), PROMPT start 6pm, end by 8pm

This event is free but we will be asking for donations to help with Sabrina's travel costs.

Being diagnosed as bi-polar, depressed, anorexic or mentally ill can often feel like being handed a sentence. Often, with each of these 'diagnoses' comes the stigma of weakness and mental instability. But what happens when we start turning out symptoms into gifts? Beyond medication and therapists, what ownership can you have over your own mental health? In this workshop we'll take a closer look at the hidden gifts inherent in the things that destroy us. we'll discuss ways to harness these 'symptoms' - not as burdens that misdirect is, but as self-knowledge worthy of attention.

Due to the sensitive nature of the workshop latecomers will not be permitted so please be on time, or get in touch in advance if late arrival is unavoidable for you.