saturday march 28th 2009
Lynnee Breedlove's 'One Freak Show'
Jackie Hagan
compered by Barbara the Gay
the yard theatre, old birley st, hulme
7:30pm, £5

There will also be a post-performance Q&A with Lynnee, facilitated by Louis Bailey, tea & cake and a small bar.

advance tickets are available from wegottickets

Lynnee Breedlove's 'One Freak Show' is queer, punkrock standup comedy on transgender bodies, feminism, family, and "community." The One Freak Show is an irreverent, look at the interior world of a notorious punk giving out permission slips to laugh at ourselves.

Breedlove rocks on as a no-op transsexual standup comic after 15 years as lead yeller of punk band Tribe8. Fronting the band, writing the highly acclaimed, Lambda Literary Award nominated urban novel, Godspeed, performing with the all woman spoken word troupe Sister Spit, and hosting San Francisco's queer cabarets, the writer, performer and filmmaker has developed an onstage persona sharp as a new chainsaw blade, and an intimate, improvisational fluidity, making high-minded political concepts fun.

This story is about the confusion not just of society but of the individual, when he doesn’t modify himself to make his insides match his outsides. It’s about the sadness of the bicultural guy torn between warring communities, because he identifies as both. It’s about trying to label oneself to satisfy others and get love, when in fact no label seems to fit, and how the eyes of a child open the heart to simplify social constructs. It’s about parental struggles to guide and let go at the same time. It’s about our human body quest for compassion for ourselves and everyone else.

Activism, laughs and visibility.

Jackie Hagan is one of Manchester’s finest performance poets, her charm and witty honesty will be kicking off the night’s performance.

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