as our present becomes past we will post it here

13 nov 2009, gig with dance yourself to death, video love, cheap bent electrode and vile vile creatures

23 sep 2009, show - 'Sister Spit : The Next Generation'

11 may 2009, workshop - 'mental wealth' by sabrina chapadjiev

10 may 2009, talk - 'live through this' by sabrina chapadjiev

28 march 2009, workshop & kaffe - unka lynnee's academy with vegan kaffe and film screenings

28 march 2009, show - 'lynnee breedlove's one freak show' with jackie hagan

28 february 2009, party - 'ship ahoy' a cruise ship themed extravaganza

22 february 2009, kaffe - 'the queercore pancake house' with J. Fergus Evans and Michelle Green

16 february 2009, gig with Husbands, Drunk Granny, Ste McCabe, Chaps and compere Barbara the Gay

16 december 2008, gig with Bonfire Madigan, McWatt, March of Alka Malka Band and a festive buffet

17 november 2008, launch of the zine 'Race Revolt'

12 november 2008, gig with Tara Jane O'Neil, dbh and screening of 'The Redhouse'

*** hiatus ***

february 2007, kaffe with lgbt history month treats

december 2006, kaffe with escape by nightfall

october 2006, kaffe with rae spoon and vincent nificance

october 2006, disco with drunk granny, rae spoon, husbands and supercasio

august 2006, kaffe with rosie lugosi and the seven poetry virgins

august 2006, Get Bent! II with many antics

august 2006, Twee Pride more info

august 2006, not on a sunday

july 2006, film festival with so much viewing

june 2006, not on a sunday

june 2006, kaffe with smartypants, michelle green, joey hately and tomboi

may 2006, not on a sunday

april 2006, kaffe with matthew bellwood and open mic

march 2006, queer quiz night hosted by shirley buxton

february 2006, gig with tender forever, squeeze me i squeak and the wolf tracks

february 2006, kaffe with rose clout and jean genet (acoustic)

november 2005, gig with spider and the webs, partyline, das wanderlust and smartypants

september 2005, gig with kimya dawson, strand of oaks and the booklovers

august 2005, gig with hello cuca, the envelopes, hello how are you? and the corey-o's

august 2005, Get Bent! where a lot happened

june 2005, gig with mirah and vol d' nuit

april 2005, ...and quentin wept with valerie, dragula, smartypants, jean genet, up late, barbara the gay; djs daniel homocrime, stef kissyface and hat bitch

april 2005, kaffe with nobody wife and rachel jane dean

july 2004, ...and quentin wept with humousexual, dragula, cat attack!, sister sodomy, jackie hagan and conor aylward; djs melanie, helena razzmatazz, (heena), and mass teens on the run.

may 2004, kaffe with cat attack!


kaffes were our most frequent events, they featured such very cheap vegan feasts, many cakes, knitting circles, performers, and an oh so convivial atmosphere.

not on a sunday was a monthly queer women's kaffe. we wanted to create a space where queer women of all ages could relax, chat and hang out.

...and quentin wept was a queer clubnight with live music, performance and dancing. our idea was to create a queer space that we felt comfortable in, whilst supporting and showcasing queer talent. as happy as we are to sit in our rooms listening to our favourite music, dreaming our diy dreams, even we go out sometimes. and when we do, quentin weeps.

get bent! was our answer to the commercialism of the mainstream pride event. in response to our pride being sold back to us by consumerism we put on weekends of free events, food and fun. we did this for 2005 and 2006. from 2007 another group of manchester queers took up the baton, you can find them here.