saturday february 28th
a cruise ship themed party
Embarking from Islington Mill, James Street, M3 5HW.
8pm 'til very very late (no entry after 1am)
Cost £3-5 sliding scale.
all proceeds to aid appeals for the Gaza crisis
Ship bar will be open.

Punctual boarders will be treated to complimentary bubbly and vegan canapes...

For one night only, welcome aboard The Merchant Queen cruise ship!

P.O.S.H.? Luxuriate on the upper deck serenaded by lounge music and late-night storytelling, indulge in the vegan dessert trolley and cocktail bar.

The less refined can revel in the bowels of the ship with bands, disco dancing, raffle and rock'n'roll ceilidh...

Passage between the decks will remain open for the course of your journey.

Please dress appropriately.



In the bowels of the ship, have your entertainment fed to you by your compere Dominic Berry!

Enjoy the sounds of Caulbearers (Manchester Single Cell Collective), Chops (Leeds), Hug Party (Manchester), Jean Genet (London), Los Zombesinos (Manchester) and Faggot and Dagger (Lancaster & Manchester)

Dance to the varied party sounds of our hand-picked djs:
Claud Cunningham of Black Angel, Len of Jean Genet, Jagged Edge of Black Angel, Faggot and Dagger and Daz & Lynsey! Get moving to r'n'b, electro, indie, bhangra, pop, hip-hop and anything else that turns up in the mix!

Marvel at the mysterious world of Madame Amy's Tarot Corner!

Sing along with Art Karaoke!

Try some organised moves to your favourite rock hits with a Rock 'n' Roll Ceilidh!

Win the most beautiful cake you have ever seen in the Raffle!

Alternatively sit back in the captain's lounge on the upper decks, free to chat with other respectable people, sip a nautical cocktail and listen to poetry from the delectable Gerry Potter (Manchester) and Jackie Hagan (Manchester). Plus sounds from Grandfathers Spells (Manchester) on the piano, Alex (Leeds) on violin, or dbh (Manchester), David Magnus Birchall (Manchester), and Rachel Jane Dean (Leeds) on guitar.

Gather for Captain's Storytime or perhaps watch a late night film or animations.



T.O.M (Trawler of Marvel) Cruises', 'The Merchant Queen' is a mysterious cruise ship that reappears, seemingly at random, throughout time and across borders. Every time the ship docks it lures some new characters on board. A clairvoyant has been tracking the progress of the Merchent Queen and has narrowed her location to Islington Mill on saturday night from 8pm to 1am.

Upon your arrival aboard you will meet strange people and watch acts which have been stranded on board the ship.

follow our series of clues to find out why the captain is forever roaming the seas, and which of the ship's characters are, in fact, dead...



Lower Deck 8:45-1am:
Hug Party
Faggot and Dagger
Jean Genet
1-5am Disco:
Claud Cunningham
Jagged Edge
Darren and Lynsey

Upper Deck 8:45 -12:30
David Magnus Birchall
Rachel Jane Dean
Gerry Potter
Jackie Hagan
Grandfathers Spells
12:30 onwards:
Films and Captain's Storytime


Transport and Access info coming soon

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