Friday November 13th 2009

Join us for a fantastic 4 band lineup, followed by a pop-wonderful disco.

Video Love (france & usa) myspace
Dance Yourself to Death (toronto canada) myspace
Cheap Bent Electrode (bristol, uk) myspace
Vile Vile Creatures (manchester, uk) myspace

Islington Mill, James St
8pm - late
£6 / 5 concs

Video Love
sound and image UNITE
An over the top blend of Elmapi's driving 'pop-concrete' compositions and the sounds & images of Matterlink's b-movie video sampling. Driving beats, off time sub-rhythms and video collage make their concerts as much a musical innovation as a sensory pleasure bomb. Both members brought to the stage and screen a loaded background. US based Matterlink has nearly 10 years of video performance and several "cult" films under his belt as a filmmaker (Blue is Beautiful with DC's Make-Up). Elmapi, based in Paris, has worked the Parisian underground electronica circuit and released two electro-pop albums - the most recent was mixed by Andy Moor of the Ex. She also founded the Parisian record label Lentonia Records (EDH, AE (also Sonig records), UNISON (upcoming), as well as her own Elmapi albums and VIDEO LOVE (upcoming) releases.

Dance Yourself to Death
DYTD have shared stages with everyone from the Hidden Cameras to Peaches, and Uh Huh Her and played their first European show in Munich, Germany, where they drew a crowd of 1500 people. JD Samson (Le Tigre, MEN) delivered a remix of their original song “Sea of Love”. When DYTD headed into the studio in the spring of 2008, they had three years’ worth of songs to choose from. The band members acted as producers, working with co-producer and engineer Lorne Hounsell (K-OS, Bedouin Soundclash) to create their full-length debut, Ready For Love. They drew inspiration from artists who spanned several musical eras, from Fleetwood Mac to the Cars, to New Young Pony Club, creating a sound that’s hook-laden, highly addictive, and ready for repeat rotation on your stereo. The final product is an instantly accessible record that will keep you holding on tight to your first kiss, your worst heartache, and all your forgotten love letters.

Cheap Bent Electrode
All the way from the west country, cheap bent electrode will work their contagious magic on you and your dancing feet. DIY electro pop just don't stop.

Vile Vile Creatures
The Vile Vile Creatures formed in Manchester and debuted at Cardiff Ladyfest in 2006. They bring a torrent of angular guitars, spikey bass and frantic beats. With 'angry life affirming vocals firing off like an emergency flare' they are queer punk, heavy disco and they want you to dance! Marc Riley's a fan and so are you.

Dance on! Dance on!